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Finding a tutor who really knows their stuff is one of the biggest challenges faced by students and parents. Aapi Taleem makes this process intuitive, you get a greater range of the best tutors online to choose from across Pakistan and beyond. This feature allows students to focus on how and who they wish to learn from. The broader choice also provides the option of working with multiple tutors who specialise in different subject areas, which ensures you target the lessons you need help with.


There is a big air of convenience when the power is in your hands. Online tutoring through Aapi Taleem allows you to pick times and dates which suit your schedule, alongside having the option to work from anywhere. This can be useful if you have a set revision plan and only have certain time slots to fit in one-to-one lessons. As well as this, not having to commute to a classroom means you have more time to learn and less time getting distracted and procrastinating.


Private tuition can be costly, online tutoring makes quality teaching available at a lower fee and during the current pandemic every student is keen to access tutoring at the ease of their own home. Thanks to the overheads being lower and elements like travel costs being taken out of the equation, online tutoring has the benefit of being competitively priced and can be a great option for parents/students who want a quality service that won’t break the bank.

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